Lost Cities

Lost Cities is a card game by Reiner Knizia, distributed in the US by Rio Grande Games. While it is a good game, it is very luck dependent. Some people like that, and it's not so bad if you play out a series of games and total the scores.

Draw and a Half

If you are looking for a bit less luck, and a little more strategy to the game, I suggest using my Draw and a Half variant.

In Draw and a Half, each player is dealt 12 cards instead of eight. Each player then returns four cards to the deck, which is reshuffled. Play proceeds as normal.

This allows you to get one expedition that you can start with minimal risk, if any. That will give you time to draw more cards and decide which other expedition to go on. Note that this will drastically change the way the game plays. While you can still risk on unproved expeditions (hoping to get the 8 cards and +20 points), you don't have to. This may or may not be to your liking.

Three Player

I have come up with three player rules for Lost Cities, but I should warn you that I have not playtested them at all. This is just a theory.

Shuffle the deck and deal out six cards to each player. Play as usual, with one set of discard piles. Table talk should be ruled out, or two players can gang up on a third if the seating order is right. Scoring for expeditions is changed so that it is the total of your cards in the expedition minus fourteen (not 20). Additionally, if you get six or more cards in one expedition, you get an additional 14 points.

To play Draw and a Half Three Player, deal each player 9 cards, of which they must return 3 to the deck, which is then reshuffled.

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