Hello. My name is Bill Hoy and I live in the Bedford County suburb of Forest near Lynchburg in Central Virginia. Until recently I was a reporter, photographer and editor for the Bedford Bulletin, a weekly newspaper of about 8,000 circulation serving the city of Bedford and Bedford County. Now, I'm public information officer for Bedford County, so check out the web page I've created for them => Bedford County Home Page.

Recently I stumbled across a document written by my great-grandfather in 1903, only a few months before he suffered the stroke that killed him three years later. It was his regimental history of Bradford's Battery, Mississippi Volunteers, CSA, where he served first as gunner and later as second lieutenant. It is a remarkable history of the War Between the States from a simple soldier's point of view. Personally, it brings to life the portrait of the Robert E. Lee lookalike in his grey uniform that has stared down at me from a gilt frame since I was a baby. He joined the South Carolina Militia before Fort Sumter and was a witness to the bombardment of the Charleston garrison. Have a look at "Short History of Bradford's Battery, Confederate Guards Artillery" In 1864, during the siege of Petersburg, he married a local girl, and that's how my genes made their way to Virginia.


"When you're the guy who always has the camera,
you never get your picture taken until something stupid happens"

Age: 41
Occupation: Lowly Bureaucrat
Status: Happily Married
Residence: Forest, VA
Interests: Photography, historic and alternative photographic processes, graphics, woodworking (making large format cameras), surfing the net, history, world band radio, etc.

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